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The 3 Types of Links You Need For SEO Today

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seoWhen it comes to managing search engine optimization, you will find that there is a lot of talk about linking strategies. These linking ideas will make or break your traffic with relative ease. In order to pursue the right path to getting traffic to your site, make sure that you look at the link structures in 3 very distinct ways. Setting up your page is one thing, but getting leverage with this somewhat simple task is going to be the hard part. Even sites that get a lot of traffic, struggle with this part of the optimization protocol. The main problem is not so much that people don’t know how to work with seo, it’s that the algorithms that search engines push aren’t disclosed to the general public. If the general public knew the exact measurements of the algorithm, the whole protocol of search results would drop and cause serious problems. It’s for that simple reason that you should look at seo the right way, and build links in 3 various types.

Internal Linking Strategy

The first way that you should be linking is to the interior pages of your website. If you do not link to the inside of your page, you will not rank higher and higher. You don’t want to make pages that are obnoxiously linking to the inside. Instead, look at ways that you can harness anchor text and push the elements to the right locale. You absolutely want to point fingers to the right areas, otherwise you will not be able to get ahead. If you don’t link to the inside pages, your sitemap will be useless. Make sure that all the pages get linked, and you provide bread crumbs for people, focusing on getting them to the right information with the least amount of clicks possible. The more you focus on the way the end user navigates your page, the higher the likelihood that they will stick around.

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Outbound Linking Strategy

LinkYou’ll need to link to the outside world. Your website is not an island, it needs to have references and links that point to information that is outside of the domain name you have. Some people get scared with this issue, and others link to whatever they want without references or design. In terms of an outbound linking strategy, make sure that you focus on building pages that harness information from authority sources. For instance, if you’re talking about something academic, link to Wikipedia straightway. Or link to something that scholars would use to reference the materials, and do not just link to random sites.

Backlinks From Other Pages

The holy grail of seo lands here, and it’s all about getting links from other sites to your page. This is something that is going to take on a life of its own if you’re not careful. You could about this in two ways, you could either focus on purchasing the services of a professional optimization company, or you could earn them the hard way. Earning them the hard way means that your content will have to be so good that others will share it, recommend it, and link to it. Buying them through the use of a professional seo company can also help, but it’s going to be a bit different and you may run the risk of getting penalized for your efforts.

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The aforementioned options are just some of the many types of links that you can harness for optimization. However, you will need to focus on the larger picture than just these things. Focusing on the bigger picture will create a market share that is immense, and will give you the right kind of organic traffic. Just remember, without links, optimization doesn’t really work well.

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