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seoThere are millions of people trying to get noticed on the web. Of these millions, a good portion of them will want to go at things the hard way, and for them, the spoils of modern SEO will come along with it. If you want to gain serious market share, and you don’t want to just hit the ground running, this is going to be the best thing for you.

You can earn your marketing prowess and it’ll pay off huge. However, you will find that the following methods are going to take a lot longer. Whether you hire someone to help or you do it all yourself, you’re going to be earning your way up the proverbial ladder and it’s going to be harder than anything else you do in regards to optimization. Try the following methods on for size and you could very well be #1 in search results, in time.

Create 100% Unique Content

The first thing that you can do is simple, start building insane content. Take the average blog and triple it, or quadruple it in terms of content. If a good site has 50 articles, you’re going to want to outdo them by double or triple. It’s this type of work load that you can either outsource or do all on your own. The key here is that you are creating compelling content and the more you write and post, the more you are going to get noticed online. When someone notices the hard work you’re putting in, the more likely it will be that you get linked to and recommended. Whether through social media or other, you will get a backlink and it will be earned the hard way. Remember, content is king, and you can definitely reign if you work on it in this fashion.

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Create an Online Partnership

Work really hard on your content, or purchase amazing work and you will get the attention of larger websites. They will partner with you on a sponsorship level and will link to you straightway. Or they will ask you to write for them in a limited capacity with full rights to link to your pages. This can increase our readership, traffic, and so much more with relative ease. The secret here is simple, you want to get noticed and to get there you have to build a relationship with other entities. You could strike a deal, for instance, to get 1 blog post featured in a newspaper once a month. That 1 blog post feature could drive hundreds of thousands of hits to your site, and pay off dividends overtime. But best of all, your SEO ranking will ramp up tremendously.

Massive Social Integration

social-media-marketingWant to take down another site? Do you want to compete with larger entities? Then you need to work on social integration and get noticed the hard way. Build your content, get linked from larger sites, get noticed and you’ll find that the social media buzz surrounding your page could influence the traffic and flow of your social engagements. When this happens, you have the opportunity to go viral. Imagine your site getting to the million shares, and you start to see that this type of SEO work pays off huge. This is NOT easy, but it can happen if you work on the harder elements of optimization strategies.

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Natural linking, relevant posting, social integration, partnerships with larger sites, and massive content marketing is not something that you can do overnight. The reason why this is difficult, is because it’s time consuming and the payoff is not immediate. You could spin your wheels for years, and see nothing, but then turn a corner and see the world fall at your feet. That’s the power of SEO in the long term.

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