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Forget Link Building and SEO Forever

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This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for some, but you may as well hang up the notion of working with seo forever. Yep, look at a new way of marketing or go ahead and do what some iconoclasts are doing right now. They’ve stopped worrying about the petty nature of optimization and are looking into content marketing instead.

link buildingNot in the traditional sense, they are setting themselves up for success with 3 very distinct patterns and you can use the same thing. If you are one of the many that don’t want to be a slave to the issue of putting up the right keywords, the write articles, or anything that is going to cause you a lot of headache, then you will want to look into something that will increase your viewership online and change everything you have ever thought about marketing today.

This is something that most people don’t really think about, until they realize that it works. The following will explain it all in 3 steps.

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Step 1 – Focus on Building Content on The page

Take a site, and set up a template that allows you to post updates constantly. Whether it’s a blog format or not, making sure that you’re putting up a lot of different content will make or break your marketing flow for the future. Taking this into account, move forward with building the right elements and you will see a huge forward progress. Take all the content you can think of, and start posting it. This will take you a lot of time, but it will pay off with dividends.

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Sites that are updated at least once a day get more market share than others, and if you post upwards of two or even three times a day, then you will have an empire of content that will not go away anytime soon, so keep that in mind. Focus on just pure content management and building, and you will end up with something positive in no time.

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Step 2 – Start a Social Media Profile On All Sites

Once you have set up the social media profiles, you will want to find an automation site. This will connect your blog or website updates to the social profile pages. Once those are set up and you are posting updates, the automation will kick in and take the rss feed and post the contents into social media sites. That will then give you a kick back of a backlink. This may seem a bit odd, but when you are updating these pages 100 – 200 times a month, you will start to see that traffic will start to swarm around your site.

That’s just the beginning too, because a lot of people are working with automation on several different levels and are creating a circle of influence that is outside of the framework of seo.

Step 3 – Build Secondary Sites To Support The First

Think of this process like a pyramid, and you will see that it can build a traffic funnel fast. You want to have a lot of secondary sites that are automated in content and posting as well. Those things will send targeted traffic to the first one after they rank. The indexing will be a bit spotty, but you will find that once things are moving in the right framework, you will see major traffic and it will not subside anytime soon. This may seem extreme but it works.


In the end, this all works because it takes the principles of seo and link building and puts them on the back burner. Instead of worrying about the little things, iconoclasts of marketing are focusing on the bigger picture, and in the end, you will find that this all is painting a larger image. The larger image is, seo. That’s right.

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