Latest SEO Strategy To Rank On The First Page of SERP – 2017

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SEO Strategy for 2017

Today I’ll talk about the following approach in this post:

  1. Increase user engagement to improve SERP rankings
  2. Focus on YouTube Optimization
  3. Website loading time/Speed
  4. Focus on most search keywords
  5. Create high quality Backlinks
  6. Implementation of SEO Strategy
  7. Technical optimization
  8. Local Listings and Local Optimization
  9. Guest posting with high authority blogs
  10. Social Media Optimization
  11. ASO – App Store Optimization
  12. Content Marketing
  13. Perfect Mobile Experience
  14. Focus on Branding

Increase User Engagement To Improve SERP Rankings

SERP (Search engine result page) ranking is the one of the main factors in SEO. To improve your website ranking, user engagement is most critical factor, it’s very simple… engagement is the ability to hold the user’s attention on your websites or webpages. In other words, we can say, user engagement is a measured amount of the time spent on a landing page of your website.

User EngagementIf user enters any search query or a keyword on Google or any search engine, it shows the most relevant websites of the search query or keyword. Google officially declared that’s your webpage content is the most important in your SERP ranking. If your website content is more relevant to the search query, then your websites ranks on SERP and user click on your site and spent time on the website.

Focus on YouTube Optimization

Nowadays, from all over the world more than 3 billion searches every month appears on YouTube, which makes it a trendy video search engine. You might not know that’s Youtube’s total searches has crossed combined searches of Yahoo and Bing.

You can push your website on first page of SERP, by the help of YouTube optimization. YouTube’s optimization process is not very tough and you can get more traffic from In YouTube optimization mainly focuses on the video title, description and your topic. One of the most important factors for video optimization is the video length, longer the video easy to optimize which can give you better reach or ranking.

There are many other elements for YouTube optimization, we will discuss in brief on our next blog…

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Create High Quality Backlinks

Quality BacklinksBacklink creation or link building is one of the traditional SEO methods. In today’s scenario, many new techniques are used in search engine optimization, but backlinks still is most effective elements for your rankings. You can focus on high PA (Page Authority) DA (Domain Authority) websites to build you backlinks.

You can search high authority submission sites and push your content on those authority sites and get quality backlinks.

Website load time

Website load time or website speed is also a critical ranking factor. The most popular search engine, Google announced that your website ranking also depends on your site speed.

In 2010, Google launched the “Page Speed tool” to improve your site performance. With the help of this online tool you can improve your website speed. In Google’s Page Speed tool, you can easily optimize longer images, java scripts, CSS etc.

Technical Optimization

technical optimizationKeeping SEO and Content marketing aside, it’s absolutely necessary to have a technically strong website. According to most popular search engine Google, if your website’s performance is technically better then you can easily get placed on SERP top pages.

Here we are sharing some basic technical factors, like you can switch your website from http to https, set responsive version, robots, txt file, site maps, heading (H1, H2 H3), handled all 404 errors, set canonical url’s and many more. This way you can also boost your UX (User Experience).

Focus on most search keywords and Long Tail Keywords

When user enter a search query on search engine, if your target keyword match with search query then search engine show your website on SERP. In very simple words keyword is kind of search term.

When you select your target keywords, focus on most searched keywords and also target long tail keywords which have more searches and low competition. For finding keyword search volume you can use many tools. Google Keyword planner is one of the mostly used tools for finding keyword monthly search volume. It’s free to use and use can set your target location, negative keyword and also get suggested keywords related to your search term.

Local Listings and Local Search Engine Optimization

If your business is based on local services or you want to promote your services/business on particular location, you can focus on local SEO techniques. World’s largest search engine Google also launched local business listing platform “Google My Business”. Here you can list your business and it’s free to use business listing service from Google. In Google Business you can manage your business listing, update your data according to your business, you can mention your opening hours, location, images, payment options and many more.

Apart from this you can list your business on online local listing websites like yellow pages, etc. By the help of local listing you can increase website traffic as well as SERP ranking.

Guest posting with high authority blogs

Guest posting is one of the traditional SEO methods, but you can use this with improvisation. Firstly, search your niche related high authority blogs, which provides guest posting.

In guest posting, one thing is most important that is content, after searching related blogs, you can push informative content or share some tips which should be related to the blog topic. The main purpose of guest posting is create content based high quality inbound link. Because mostly guest posting bloggers first submit the content for review and after checking your content is allowed on the guest blog.

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 Social Media Optimization

 Social Media OptimizationOther than SEO, Social Media Optimization is most effective approach. Nowadays Social networking sites are very trending and most popular platform for promoting your services. Here you can gain user’s attentions and drive traffic on your website.

By the help of social signals you can grow your website’s ranking and traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many other popular social networking platforms are best for promoting your business or services. Excluding free social media, some social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, are also provided paid promotion. If you want results in less time and reach many users, so you can choose paid methods.

Implementation of SEO Strategy

You certainly want to get your site on top of the SERP???

SEO strategy is the key point of your websites ranking. Today, search engines algorithm rollout very frequently, it’s necessary to check search engines updates and change your SEO strategy, according to algorithms, otherwise your website get penalized.

When you start website’s search engine optimization process, first you create a perfect or target oriented SEO strategy. Start with meta tags optimization, html optimization, multimedia optimization, check code to content ratio, check inbound and outbound links, web pages interlinking, site bounce rate, call to action, check copy content and make sure your website content is high quality, Remove keyword stuffing and focus on keyword density.

These all basic technical factors of your site ranking, including these factors, you also focus on high quality backlinks, check website index and crawling status by google webmaster. In Google webmaster you can check indexing, crawling, 404 page not found error related issues and you can fix all issues. In Webmaster you can check robots.txt and sitemap status as well.

After that you create google analytics setup and track your website traffic, real time user status, site bounce rate, exit rate, landing pages and etc. Google analytics also fetch organic search keywords, organic traffic, social signals and paid traffic.

ASO – App Store Optimization  –

App Store Optimization After a responsive website, you also need a mobile application. Today, approx 2 million mobile apps in the popular apps store, you also need an app store optimization for your mobile application. ASO, is an optimization process of insuring your mobile app reached app store ranking criteria and placed in the top of app store search results page.

To increase your app visibility and downloads you need a strong app marketing strategy. We will share app store optimization whole process in our next blog or if you want to know more about ASO, you can leave a comment in the comment box.

Content Marketing  –

After Google’s panda update, Content plays a key role for search engine optimization. Google launched his first content based update in February 2011 and was called Panda update.

Google Panda mainly targets low quality content websites and copy content websites. Now if you want to rank on SERP, you have to use high quality content and detailed content on your WebPages. If you can use lengthy content on your webpage, this is a plus point for ranking.

Other than website content, content based high quality backlink also boost your rankings.

Check Mobile friendly website

With the stunning growth of smart phone, tablets and smart phones usage via apps, social media, games, sites and many more. Now essentially that your website or business service is mobile friendly, you can easily get your website ranked on mobile SERP .

Mobile searches are also most effective part of your websites ranking and traffic. Now you can easily create your responsive website with the help of AMP. Google AMP boosts your website speed and it’s a best option for mobile optimization.

If you want to test your website is responsive or not responsive so you can you can use Google’s ThinkWithGoogle tool. Its best tool for testing your responsive website, its free to use and you can rectify your website issues, also get a free report.


Today, branding is the most important factor for your SERP ranking. If the user knows your business or services by your brand name so you can get more organic traffic with your brand name. The main thing is that, your competition is zero because when user enter your brand in google’s search box, because of low or no competition only your website and links are displayed on SERP.

According to google guidelines they also want webmasters to create and promote their brand links and the ranking for exact match keywords will only depend on the onsite parameters and  content, which google identifies best suited for the website. Concluding the statement “ Ranking today is a blend of brand link popularity and rich content with exact match keywords”


In this image you can check the percentage of targeting keywords or pages linking structure.

For example, you start link building process for a website; first you decide the percentage of brand and exact match keywords. In above image you can easily identify the percentage cretiria for link building process. Here 70% is brand keyword, 20% is naked url ( , 5% is miscellaneous, 4% is topic related keyword or partial match text and 1% is exact match text


Search Engine optimization is an ever growing technology area. If we talk about  the past few years we have seen Google specially focus on website speed, rich content, authority backlinks and mobile friendly responsive website.

Other factors are also absolutely important for SERP ranking, but if you optimize these factor related website elements, then you will boost your SERP ranking surely.

Nowadays, there are many SEO companies are on web, which provides best SEO Services, you can choose the best SEO company and increase your website visibility.

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