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Mobile Optimization is here to Stay

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If you’re still not convinced why you should make your website more responsive to accommodate mobile users, maybe this article will help.
We have been hearing about this trend for two years now:  mobile and handheld devices are on the rise, and more and more people are searching and browsing the internet using their tablets and Smartphones.

seoJust last year, mobile browsing has already surpassed desktop browsing, and this trend is expected to increase in the next couple of years. So the fact is mobile technology is now the norm, and not the exception to the rule.  There are currently about a billion people who access the web using their mobile devices.  With mobile browsing growing at a rapid pace and more and more consumers expect immediate gratification of your products or services through the mobile web, the pressure is on to create an excellent mobile experience for consumers.

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You simply cannot use the same desktop experience with mobile.  Even though your content is the same, user experiences are different.  Mobile users have different browsing behaviors.  For instance, studies show that they consume more visual media versus desktop users. Now recent online market research also shows that 57% of mobile users will shift to another website if your website takes a long time to load.  The key to mobile websites is having optimal download speed.  If your content is downloaded quickly, this allows your site visitor more browsing time.

Mobile OptimizationYour desktop landing page has to be different from your mobile landing page.  Even if there are similarities in content, presentation styles would have to adapt to a mobile screen.  Statistics show that mobile users often purchase more than desktop users.  This means that if your website requires visitors to purchase an item, you need to take full advantage of getting the best purchasing experiences from your mobile users.  This means that landing pages have to be responsive to mobile users.

Mobile users also prefer their information in quick, bite-sized bits rather than longer text. Content that are easy to read on a desktop or laptop may be harder to read on a mobile device. The key is to optimize mobile content to be more intuitive and relevant for users.The design of a mobile website should not be too cluttered and packed with too much information. Content has to be prioritized to what your users will need most. For instance, on a mobile device, phone numbers, brick and mortar addresses, and email addresses should be directed to calls, directional maps, and email messages.

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Consider including icons and action buttons for maps, your social media pages, email address, and video links. Texts should be concise, catchy and to the point. Website navigation on a mobile device should be thumb-friendly, too.

The design for mobile sites should also avoid making users type unless absolutely needed. Effective mobile sites utilize dropdown menus or checklists as a way to enter data. Search engines such as Google are also now starting to penalize websites that are not mobile friendly.  Google often favors mobile-responsive websites, placing them higher in its rankings.

Mobile-OptimizationMobile websites provide a great opportunity for brand awareness, brand differentiation, and advertising returns. There is a positive response to your brand when customers have a satisfying mobile experience.  Mobile users often prefer sites for their functionality and consistency.

This builds affinity and loyalty with users.  They will come back to your website again and again.  Mobile websites can also be accessed by a user on the move, and they’re not just limited to the comfort of their own home.  This gives more opportunities for your business to be seen by more people, and you may be able to connect with your target market in new ways.

Mobile optimization will be able to generate more traffic for your site, and therefore increase sales and boost revenues for your company.  Your business should have a mobile strategy in place. If you’d like to get some help in doing that, you should consider getting in touch with a credible SEO firm.

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