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Removing Unnatural Links For Maximum SEO

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Search engines today are really getting behind penalizing sites that have a proliferation of unnatural links pointing to other pages. That means that if you’re linking to a site that is not particularly helpful to the content or relevant to your page, you will get a negative ranking. In order to combat this, you will need to look at removing the links for maximum sustainability. If you’ve built a lot of content across a lot of pages on a site, and you’re linking for sources, or you have linked for pay or any number of reasons why you may have links on your page to outside sites, you will need to come to terms that some may not look so well in the eyes of search engines today. If they are deemed unnatural, then you will definitely have problems in the future.

The first step that you need to take is an assessment of your pages links and whether or not they are unnatural. Not only that, you’ll want to see where you have pages that are linked from outside sources that are unnatural as well. If you have engaged in link buying in the past, or bad seo practices of any type, you need to start working backwards to change things for the better. In Google, for example, you have a tool that could help with this matter. It’s the “link” disavow tool and it’s relatively new to their webmaster tools. If you use it, you can get a full report as to the links that are being used to rank or derank your site.

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Aside from using this tool, create a robots.txt file that will help you block certain pages from getting ranked. Finding a way to separate yourself from negative impacts of the past is a good way to move forward with proper management of your optimization reach. Without focusing on this, you could end up losing market share, and that’s not a good thing. Maximum optimization today requires you to work on a lot of different angles that were previously not cared for at all. This is something that modern webmasters are aware of, and many hire companies to work on the issue. If you try to do it all on your own, you will find that it is hard to manage and work with.

Another method that you may want to look into is the creation of 404 pages –

Creation of 404 pagesIf you’re getting a lot of links from outside sources to pages that are either obsolete or no longer used, then go ahead and build 404 pages that become scraped. Then update the robots.txt file to reflect the changes. In a matter of time you will find that your rank is not effected and you could actually rise in terms of cognitive search engine optimization implementation. Without this in place, however, you are an open target for negative impacts from search results.

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If you want to rank higher, and you don’t want penalties, then you’ll need to be proactive. Hiring a good company to help you with this can diminish the time it takes to turn things around, so consider that your first line of defense. However, if you try and tackle the problem on your own, dedicate a good deal of time to finding out what pages are on your site that are bringing the rest down. If you manage the site well, you will be able to triumph and even get ahead of competition with relative ease. It’s just a matter of looking at the right elements moving forward. Don’t assume that this is a one sided issue, removing links is part of a larger marketing protocol that needs focus.

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