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Believe it or not, content is not isolated to just text.  You’ll find that there are a number of resources that you need to look into when it comes to optimization on a large scale. One of the many elements that you’ll need to pursue is that of infographics, as it can help get you a great deal of traffic with something that can be deceptively easy. If you think that seo is just a matter of throwing up the right keywords, then you have it all wrong, you’ll need to work on several different pieces, and content is one of them. Under the banner of content, you’ll find that infographics can definitely help you rise to the challenge of connecting with the general public.

What is an Infographic?

Fred UpdateInfographics share a great deal of data through the use of images and numbers. The combination of these things are done to showcase a larger message overall. You will denote that the most popular options in this world often use more images than text, and when you try to explain the options,  you could very well get 1,000 or more words as a result. This in no way impedes on the need for text marketing, or any other branch of seo, as it is very much a visual placement that can help create market share over time.

Creating The Image Right

Here’s the tricky part, creating a good graphic of this type falls under two major categories. The DIY and the hiring of a graphic designer. The hiring part is going to set you back some, with some services charging no less than $1,000 for a high quality, 100% unique graphic design of this magnitude. Don’t get shocked by sticker price, there are others that will charge less, but if you want unique and effective, expect to pay a lot of money on the process. Then again, you could do it on your own, but it will not be an easy task. Whichever method you decide, know that this is a strong visual communicator and one that you should not miss out on at all.

Over Saturation Problems

When working with seo, especially in the branches of content marketing, you absolutely need to be careful not to over saturate your site with visual design flow. You could easily add too many of these and end up getting scorned by the internet users that land on your page. Graphics of this size will take time to load, and if you have several in place, you could expect nothing more than a slow loading time and that effects optimization as well. You’ll need to find a happy medium when it comes to this, and do not rely on it too much. You need diversity as well.

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Keeping Things In Perspective

In the past year, if you put up an infographic, you would get a deluge of traffic, but guess what? That was then, and this is now. You will see a huge difference in attention when you look at this, so don’t just assume that putting up a graphic will send you unheralded traffic. Making sure that you work within your limits, and you focus on providing a real world solution is the best thing you need to remember. Not only that, keep in mind that you should only do one every now and again, and focus on other media types as this directly effects the loading of your page, and that is a page rank issue as well.

The above elements will help you work with this medium, but remember, it’s just a part of the larger internet marketing category that you should be considering overall.

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