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Millions of people engage in a marketing concept known as article marketing. This is not like journalism, but it does take some pathos from it. In this type of writing, your main goal is to promote certain keyword pairings in content that is upwards of 500 to 1,000 words. The repetition of keywords here is the key that makes it effective, with many people abusing the situation and placing upwards of 18 to 20 repetitions per content. That is not the best practice, but it’s definitely something that you see all over the internet, especially in blogs and random affiliate websites. If you’re going to work with marketing of this type, you will want to follow a few simple tips that can help you get indexed faster, and gain organic traffic through the use of proper SEO solutions.

Unique Is The Key

ArticleMarketingNo matter what you hear from master marketers, and no matter what others say about things, make sure that you absolutely look into 100% unique, new content. Even if it’s on topics that have been talked about one million times before, you need to put in something new. Unique content will serve you far better than any other solutions overall. Now, there are some people that swear by spinning and reusing a lot of different options but that is not a good thing at all. Do not spin and rewrite options, instead come up with something new or hire someone to do it for you. If you don’t do that, you’ll end up spending a lot of money and get no traction. Not only that, it’s best not to use software to get new articles done either, they just don’t work well. Compare content that has been done by a computer and the stuff that is created by a real person and you’ll see a huge difference in syntax and structure.

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Keyword Density Doesn’t Matter That Much

Everyone argues about density for article marketing, especially when it comes to seo. Don’t allow yourself to buy into this too much. You will want to repeated words, but not at nauseous levels. It’s very easy to get carried away and repeat things so much that you lose sight of what’s good. As a rule of thumb only repeat words at most 4 times within 600 or so words. This should be padded too, because if you’re going to have a keyword that doesn’t make sense overall, then you will want to ensure that you focus on something a bit more elaborate to cajole the reader.

Focus On The End User

Article Marketing TipsThe number one way to get going with proper article marketing and SEO is to look into what the user wants. The end user will make or break your traffic margins. As a result take your time and craft good articles, and titles that will get the attention of real people. If you do not factor in what people want, the search results will not come your way. You want to think in terms of question and answer projects. Get your titles from real questions that are asked about your niche, and then answer them through articles. The more you focus on real people the better your traffic will become. Remember, search results are made up of items that answer a question, not just random keyword rules.

Placing your content on sites that are dedicated to this type of work is good, but don’t isolate your submissions to just one area. Diversify the areas and pick several sites to submit your work to. If you do that, and you are adhering to the above 3 tips, you will definitely go far with this type of marketing. Just remember, don’t overdo it, or keep it in one area. Oh, and above all else, do not post duplicates.

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