To Hire or Not to Hire a SEO Consultant

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It’s the age of technology. Whether you accept it or not, technology advances at a much faster rate than people age. It cannot also be denied that technology plays a role in all aspects of human life. Be it personal, social, business or work life, technology is part and parcel of it. Given this fact, people should maximize their use of technology.

Harness the power of technology to double or triple your reach, your initiative, and ultimately achieve the results you want. In as far as business is concerned, you need to use the technology available to you in terms of optimizing your site, connecting with more of your target market, and consequently increasing your revenues.  You need to hire a SEO consultant or an online marketing expert especially if you want to become more competitive in your industry.

You have to be where your target market will most likely be looking for you. With the global reach of the internet, information is made available with a click of a mouse. Thus, the challenge is how to be searched and be found easily ahead of the others. You need to make sure that your page or site is the one chosen to answer the needs of your target audience, whether they are your customers, partners, or benefactors.

Hiring a SEO consultant is one of the way through which you can ensure that your site or page appears on top of search results pages. You need this kind of visibility if you want your visitor traffic to increase. The more visitors your site gets, the more potential clients and benefactors will be reached and engaged.

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Some of the strategies to make this happen include:

  1. The social content of your site should be prominent.
  2. Your site should be highly relevant to specific keywords.
  3. Your site should be mobile-friendly as most people today rely on their mobile devices more than on their desktops.
  4. Your site should have a voice search function. There are instances wherein a person needs to search for something online and could only do so using voice prompts.
  5. Your site should be location specific if you wish to target those within your locality.
  6. Your site should be easily downloadable. The speed at which your site can be downloaded affects whether or not a potential customer continues on to your site to get the information he needs.
  7. Your site should have all the necessary content that your target audience might need. Having useless information is a big turn-off.
  8. Your site should be updated and the information therein should be accurate. You do not want your waste your visitors’ time.
  9. Your site should be user friendly. It should be easy to navigate and pleasant to read/view.


The importance of hiring the best SEO consultant cannot be over emphasized. Depending on how much you can afford, look for SEO consultants in the area and check their fees. Check if they can be engaged fulltime, part time, or on a per project or per hour basis. Check out their websites. Check the services that they can offer. If information is available, check if they are highly recommended. Ask for referrals from friends and acquaintances.

The SEO consultant however can only do so much. As the owner of the site, the following should be clear to you:

  • Your audience. Who do you want to target? How can you attract them to your site and engage them while they are there. Understand what they need.
  • Site content. To engage your target audience when they get to your site, you need to provide what they need. More importantly, you need to make sure that they perceive what you are offering as good value for their money.

In hiring a SEO consultant to make your site visible and prominent in search engines, keep in mind that your input is as valuable as the input of the consultant. Provide the information needed by the consultant. Be clear about what you want and your objective. Be clear and realistic about your expectations.

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