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There are a lot of different things that go into proper web design today. In the past, websites could get away with a number of different elements, all of which could be deemed as creative. But today, there are standards that all pages have to utilize. You may not agree with them on a visual level, but it’s a standard that is fueling the use and popularity of search engine optimization. Things from the past that could be utilized no longer factor in today, because they will get your site completely laughed out of popularity. Things like “mystery meat navigation”, and rainbow colored backgrounds that repeat are all part of the pantheon of things you no longer want to work with. If you want to work with web design at any level, you should consider the way seo can work with it, from start to finish.

First Elements of Proper SEO and Web Design

SEO The very first elements you should be thinking about is the navigation. There should be a clear hierarchy of design protocol when you’re looking at navigation. Make sure that when anyone visits the site, they are not lost. If you’re going to have something that is content heavy, no matter what it is, you will need to direct the flow of traffic across the right lines. Doing so will give you a good deal of influence moving forward. Do not have conflicting areas of interest. If you have 5 pages on your site, don’t create 2 sets of links that point to different areas and name them differently. Stick to a good design flow, and make sure that you are navigating people through your site, not just promoting your business or graphics. SEO should never take a back seat to creativity, as it will only cause you distress in terms of traffic.

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Images Should Be Modest

Unless you’re running an art gallery, don’t allow the images to take over the visual design flow. They should complement the information on your site, not the overall display. If you need to use large images, make them part of the workflow and not the main feature. You want things to work in a good manner in terms of contrast and loading time. Too much of a good thing is bad, and that includes video content as well. Making sure that your page loads is point #1 and then getting the images to complement the text is the next. If you want to hide navigation and do things as an iconoclast, you can, just don’t expect the hyper indexing and seo to work well.

Create Content Pages That Are Updated Often

Web DesignThe absolute worst thing that you can do in regards to web design and seo, is to create content pages that never get updated. If you have pages that never get any new writing on them, you will end up losing market share. Search engines do not like dormant pages. You’ll find that you can have a site that flourishes with attention, then drops out of the radar due in large part to this issue. Consolidating pages can help you in the design flow alleviate this issue straightway. Consider a longer home page, to house a little bit more information, and create a flow that will help get the right questions answered from search users.

The above elements of web design with the framework of search engine optimization are just a few things that you should be considering in today’s landscape. If you do not focus on all the elements mentioned above, you will likely run out of the right path to move forward with. Always look for a good design flow amidst the proper channels of optimization to gain market share.

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