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Why Google Doesn’t Announce Updates ??

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In Last Weekend  over 8th July and 9th July, again, there are some fluctuations and symptoms of Google algorithm update, but it’s not officially announced by Google. Here we are sharing some graphical representation, that shows the fluctuations in Google search result.  A few webmaster also debated on 9th July on Google search update, they have also seen changes in websites ranking and traffic.

Here are some SERP Fluctuation Analysis tools displaying the changes of Google search result:









Rankranger Mobile SERP Rankranger Past 90 Days


SEMRush Desktop


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Its so ridiculous that Google doesn’t even bother to give some updates on what updates they are implementing which makes the users totally confused. Its time to think, explore other options coz Google is simply taking advantage of their monopoly.

Its not a search engine which helps users now its turned into a search engine which forces user which is an opposite concept of web. SEO because of this has become so much volatile that you can’t have your business based on that. Its so much contradictory that in one way its said that in near future all businesses will become online but on other hand google as a search engine is trying to ruin the search results and in turn ruining the businesses online.

SE Market share

Here we are sharing a few conversation at a very famous SEO forum WebmsterWorld :

Our website traffic drops at night times (11pm – 4am) on under 5% in last 14 days. No changes where done on website from our end.

Former situation was that most of conversations and sales where made in nigth times. Now, lower conversations and less sales over day times.

 AccuRanker, RankRanger and SEMrush Sensor are showing high level of SERPs fluctuations on July 9, 2017 . Maybe the start of a new algorithm update, who knows 🙂

Next goonopdate. google forcing big brands to the top. Content doesn´t rule anymore. Its links and money. From users view organics are full with very expensive shops, but on the right hand you have google shopping results. Very clever.

 Was there another update?

 I agree with you, Martin. Content is no longer the king. Bing is best <3

Conclusion –

After this unofficial google search algorithm update, we don’t understand as per Google what should be the focusing point for website ranking and traffic. According to Webmaster world forum’s discussion content is no longer king, some webmaster says google forcing on links and money.  Eventually after fred update, Google has not officially announced any algorithmic update, but SERP tools show the fluctuations in Google search result.

If google continues to update search algorithms without any  official announcement or forcing on money (Adwords/PPC) based search engine optimization then we need to think to change our preferred search engine to Bing and Yahoo.


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